Sunnyvale, CA

Senior Hardware Engineer

Job Duties:

  • Write detailed computer hardware specifications that document the components needed, such as but not limited to hotswap controllers, power converters, control logic, microcontrollers, programmable logic devices like FPGAs and CPLDs, memory devices, various physical sensors.
  • Research, evaluate, recommend and integrate power converters from external vendors.
  • Design outperforming power converter solutions as point of loads and multi-phase voltage regulators.
  • Create power converter and inrush current limiter simulation models and conduct stability and performance analysis using circuit simulation software tools like MATLAB, SPICE, and Simplis.
  • Architect redundant power delivery and power protection subsystems and front-ends.
  • Create power system simulation models and conduct transient analysis while performing optimal parameter searches. Verify design integrity and performance models with real units.
  • Capture schematics using electronic computer-aided design (ECAD) tools like Cadence Allegro Designer.
  • Capture component specifications and build of material in databases using online tools like Arena.
  • Coordinate with mechanical engineers on the creation of printed circuit board outline drawing that is part of the computer hardware system.
  • Select printed circuit board stackup material and construction structure and collaborate with external printed circuit board fabrication houses.
  • Coordinate power and signal integrity analysis.
  • Coordinate thermal management and cooling design of components on printed circuit board assemblies.
  • Coordinate schematic, layout and design for manufacturing reviews and adjust the design accordingly.
  • Create and validate engineering validation (EVT) and design validation (DVT) test plans for printed circuit board assemblies and computer hardware system.
  • Research, evaluate, recommend and design test setups for board level testing and system level testing.
  • Collaborate with hardware design engineers and system software engineers to bring up and test printed circuit board assemblies and associated power train of the computer hardware system.
  • Collaborate with manufacturing engineers to improve yield and manufacturability of printed circuit board assemblies.
  • Collaborate with customer support to help diagnose and root cause any issue that might occur in the field related on the printed circuit board assemblies and power train of the computer hardware system.

Minimum Requirements:

Master’s degree or foreign equivalent degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or a related field and 3 years of work experience as Hardware Developer, Senior Hardware Engineer, Hardware Engineer, or a related occupation required.

The required work experience must include 3 years of experience with the following skills:

  • Analysis, design, and validation of power converters;
  • Circuit simulation software tools SPICE, Simplis, and MATLAB;
  • Electronic computer-aided design (ECAD) tool Cadence Allegro Designer; and
  • Performing root cause analysis of power distribution circuits and printed circuit board assemblies used in computer hardware systems.

Additional Information:
Employer’s name: Cerebras Systems Inc.
Job site : 1237 E Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
If you are interested in applying for this position, please mail resume with Job# 106 to HR at Cerebras Systems Inc., 1237 E Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085