Simulator Engineer

Cerebras is developing a radically new chip and system to dramatically accelerate deep learning applications. Our system runs training and inference workloads orders of magnitude faster than contemporary machines, fundamentally changing the way ML researchers work and pursue AI innovation.
We are innovating at every level of the stack – from chip, to microcode, to power delivery and cooling, to new algorithms and network architectures at the cutting edge of ML research. Our fully-integrated system delivers unprecedented performance because it is built from the ground up for the deep learning workload.
Cerebras is building a team of exceptional people to work together on big problems. Join us!
The Team:
As a system simulator engineer on our team, you will work with leaders from industry and academia at the intersection of hardware and software, to develop state-of-the-art solutions for emerging problems in AI compute.
The Role:
We’re looking for an engineer to work with both hardware and software teams to build the simulator needed to make architectural tradeoffs, evaluate performance, and prove functional correctness for Cerebras’ new AI-optimized system. This role is highly collaborative and contributes directly a key fundamental technology at Cerebras.
Responsibilities include: 
• Develop a cycle accurate simulator for processing engines and communication interconnect.
• Optimize the simulator performance using techniques such as parallelization.
• Develop framework for connecting the simulator to software and debug tools.
• Develop analysis tools to extract insight and make design tradeoffs.
Skills & Qualifications:
• PhD or Master's degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent, particularly in computer architecture or parallel computing and simulation
• Programming/scripting experience in C/C++ and Python.
• Experience in computer architecture of CPU, GPUs, interconnects.
• Experience developing simulation tools.
• Distributed system and processor debug experience.


Los Altos, CA or San Diego, CA or Toronto, Canada


  • Simulator:


  • Headquarters/Los Altos Office
  • Remote Office
  • San Diego Office
  • Toronto Office

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