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We’ve built the fastest AI accelerator, based on the largest processor in the industry, and made it easy to use. With Cerebras, blazing fast training, ultra low latency inference, and record-breaking time-to-solution enable you to achieve your most ambitious AI goals.

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The CS-2, The Fastest AI Accelerator in the world

Purpose built for AI, the CS-2 replaces an entire cluster of graphics processing units (GPUs). Gone are the challenges of parallel programming, distributed training, and cluster management. From chip to system to software – every aspect of the CS-2 is optimized to accelerate and to simplify AI work. The CS-2 produces answers in less time.


Wafer Scale Engine: The Largest Chip Ever Built

The Wafer Scale Engine (WSE-2) is the largest chip ever built and powers the CS-2. The WSE-2 is 56 times larger than the largest GPU, has 123 times more compute cores, and 1000 times more high performance on-chip memory. The only wafer scale processor ever produced, it contains 2.6 trillion transistors, 850,000 AI-optimized cores, and 40 gigabytes of high performance on-wafer memory all aimed at accelerating your AI work.

Cerebras WSE-2

46,225mm² Silicon
2.6 Trillion transistors

Largest GPU

826mm² Silicon
54.2 Billion transistors

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